At Blacktown Markets, we know a well prepared stallholder is a happy and prosperous stallholder.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to put this FAQ together for you.

Please make sure you read it and are familiar with our stallholder conditions of entry (click to read). We take no responsibility for any stall holder who has to be declined on the day or who misses out on a stall who hasn’t read the FAQ and supporting helpful information.

How do I apply for a stall?

What are the stall setup times?

  • Permanent stallholders can arrive between 5:00am and 6:30am
  • Casual stall holders who book may enter from 05:30am
  • Casual stall holders who don’t book and are trying their luck on the day will gain entry from 6:30am
  • To move stock in and out of the market site during operating times, you are welcome to use a trolley

Please note: Casual stallholders who queue up on the day enter from 06:30am, pre booked stallholders are not guaranteed a space in the market if they arrive after this time.

What happens if it looks like it might rain on the day?

We have a wet weather policy for all of our stallholders.

Please click here to read our wet weather policy.

Do you have equipment I can hire for my stall?

Yes we do. You can hire equipment when booking your stall, or try your luck on the day.  

The prices are:

  • Table Hire: $5 hire fee per table, $5 deposit per table
  • Marquee Hire (Marquee Size: 3m x 3m): $12.50 hire fee per marquee, $12.50 deposit per marquee

    Marquee Hire (Marquee Size: 2.4m x 2.4m): $10.00 hire fee per marquee, $10.00 deposit per marquee

  • Double Clothes Rack: $10 hire fee per rack, $10 deposit per rack
  • Single Clothes Rack: $5 hire fee per rack, $5 deposit per rack

I am bringing my vehicle to the markets. Is this OK?

Yes! Your stall site covers bringing a vehicle as part of your stall. For the safety of shoppers, all vehicles must remain parked between 7am and midday. Please wait for assistance from Blacktown Market staff before attempting to move your vehicle as we need to direct you.

I have a lot of stuff. Can someone help drop some of it off?

Yes. In addition to allowing you to have your car next to your market stall, you can also bring additional vehicles into the markets prior to 7am to drop off stock at no extra charge. However, any additional vehicles must park in the stallholder car park or depart the market site by 7am.

To move stock in and out of the market site during operating times, you are welcome to use a trolley.

Are there items you cannot sell at Blacktown Markets?

Attention Stallholders

The sale of the following items is not permitted:

  • Cold Drinks
  • Hot Coffee
  • Any ready-to-eat or hot food
  • Potentially hazardous food (ie requires temperature control)
  • Unpackaged food (ie not sold and served in the supplier’s original package)
  • If you wish to sell food and drink, please apply for a permanent stall.
  • Pirated software, films and music
  • Replica clothing and accessories
  • Live animals (including but not limited to puppies, kittens and other pets)
  • Prescribed second hand items more than six times a year.
  • Prescribed second hand items are those that are at high risk of theft. Please visit the NSW Department of Fair Trading website for more information

Information for selling second-hand goods- permanent, garage sale or casual stall holder

Under NSW law, no matter your stall holder status, if you plan to sell prescribed second-hand goods on a regular basis (more than six times a year) you will need to obtain a second-hand dealers licence.

Prescribed second-hand goods are any that are deemed a high theft risk. A licence is required when a trader deals in any of the following prescribed second-hand goods:

  • Jewellery (including watches) that include gemstones or precious metals
  • Gemstones and precious metals
  • Sporting and recreational goods
  • Musical instruments
  • Photographic equipment (including digital cameras and digital imaging equipment)
  • Portable, engine-powered, motorised or air powered tools and equipment
  • Microwave ovens and other electric or electronic household appliances (other than refrigerators, washing machines or other ‘white-goods’)
  • Computer hardware and interactive game consoles
  • Computer software and interactive game software
  • CDs, DVDs, mini-discs, digital discs and similar media that are used for audio, visual or software purposes
  • Audio-Visual systems
  • Watercraft and parts of watercraft
  • Toolkits
  • Car accessories
  • Mobile phones, smart phones and tablets
  • Devices designed to play digital audio files (such as MP3 players and iPods)
  • GPS

Information specific to casual stall holders

As a casual stall holder, you are NOT permitted to sell the following items under any circumstances:

  • Any hot food, hot beverages, alcohol or cold drinks
  • Including but not limited to puppies, kittens and other pets

Cam I sell cold drinks, hot coffee and hot food?

Only our approved, permanent food vendors are permitted to sell cold drinks, hot coffee, hot food and ready-to-eat food (this does not apply to baked goods).

All hot food/ready-to-eat food and drink vendors must obtain permission from the Blacktown City Council Environment Health Officer, hold a valid Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) Certificate, hold insurance relevant to their operation and have permission from Blacktown Markets management.

To join our food vendor waiting list please apply for a permanent stall here.

Do we need to clean up after the markets?

We have a waste management policy for all of our stallholders. Dumping of unsold goods is not permitted.

Please click here to read our waste management policy.

What kind of facilities do you have?

In addition to multiple food stalls, bathrooms and hundreds of parking spaces adjacent to the marketplace, we also offer the following services to our stallholders and visitors at our market office:

  • Free cash-out facilities on all major bank and credit cards (except American Express).
  • Change for large bank notes
  • A testing point for electrical items
  • No insurance required for casual stall holders

Do I need insurance to run a market stall?

Insurance isn’t a requirement of holding a casual stall with us.

What if I have booked a stall but something has happened?