Who needs a shopfront when you can reach thousands of shoppers each week with Blacktown Markets?

As one of the most popular and thriving Sydney markets around, we’ve got a great reputation for family fun. We bring people from as far east as Bondi and as far West as the Blue Mountains to enjoy a Sunday filled with shopping, eating, entertainment and of course – a bargain.

As far as Sydney markets go, we’re pretty damn rewarding. Here’s why:

At Blacktown Markets, we know you have enough to worry about without adding additional red-tape from us. When you deal with us, there are no contracts or setup fees. You won’t have to commit to a lease. Just apply and off you go!

There’s nothing worse than hidden fees or hard to pay bills. That’s why Blacktown Markets is super-streamlined. You can pay your hire fees week-by-week or pay by the month.

Want extra time to setup and really make your stall shine? Don’t want to wait in long queues or worry about the traffic? The life of a permanent stall holder is for you. You gain access to the grounds from 4:00am through to 6:30am, giving you ample time to setup and get ready. As they say “the early bird gets the worm!

There’s nothing better for building a regular customer base than having a home base to return to. As a permanent stall holder, you know where you’ll be setting up each week, and your customers will know where to go to get some of your great stall action!

Sharing the love is all part of building a vibrant community based Sydney market. That’s why we feature a number of our permanent stallholders on our website, promote our stall holders via our social media, and share your stories on our blog and with the press. We work with you to help make the most of promotional opportunities.

At Blacktown Markets, we pride ourselves on creating a community of permanent and casual stall holders, garage sale sellers and happy shoppers. We bring you together so you can enjoy the spoils of one of the most vibrant and friendly Sydney markets.

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Information for Permanent Stallholders

Stall pricing

  • $45 per week for standard size stalls
  • For those who need a larger stall, please contact us.

There are no extra fees for insurance.

Paying for your stall

Unlike other Sydney markets, you can choose to pay the way you want.

  • Pay by cash or card.
  • Want the flexibility to pay as you go? Pay week-by-week

Entry times and attendance

  • Enjoy early entry and luxurious setup times from 4:00am through to 6:30am

  • As a permanent stall holder, your stall site is held for you until 6:30am each week

Please note: Permanent stallholders will have their stall held for them until 06:30am. If you are not in your place by 06:30am, with no communication, we will assume you are away and may re-allocate your stall to a casual stallholder.

Food Stalls

All food stalls who prepare/cook food on-site are required to be compliant with NSW Food Authority and local council regulations.

Please send us details of your food stall and the following certificates:

Food Safety Supervisor Certificate


Please note: These regulations do not apply to the sale of pre-packaged baked goods and the like.

Guidelines for Food Businesses at Temporary Events

NSW Food Authority’s Guidelines for Mobile Food Vending Vehicles

Want to get into the fine details? Check out our FAQ for more information.

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