The Early Bird Gets the Worm2014-02-08T19:35:03+11:00

Blacktown Markets provides limited space for casual stallholders and can not guarantee every casual stallholder will gain entry in to the market on the day. Booking a stall or securing yourself a place in the front of the queue is your best bet on a busy day.

The Weather Prediction Isn’t Always Correct2013-02-01T02:54:54+11:00

Use your own judgement on the day. If the weather forecast has predicted a thunderstorm, yet there isn’t a cloud in the sky, chances are the prediction was incorrect. Rest assured, if it does rain on the day, Blacktown Markets offers rain checks in the event of poor weather.

Don’t Be Shy2013-02-01T02:54:29+11:00

Spruik your goods! A little bit of charisma with a smile can go a long way in drawing shoppers to your stall. Mix it up though, just repeating the same thing over and over all day doesn’t go down well with the neighbours.

Use Table Cloths2017-02-16T19:15:18+11:00

Clean table cloths over your tables will make your stall more presentable and in turn, more attractive to shoppers.

Use Equipment2017-02-16T19:15:19+11:00

If you place your items on tables and have cover from a marquee, this will not only make your stall more attractive to shoppers but also protect you and your goods from a lot of the elements. Tables and marquees are available for hire from Blacktown Markets.

Bring a Float2013-02-01T02:52:56+11:00

You should base your float on how much your items cost. For example; if you’re selling items which cost $1-$5, bring plenty of $2, $1 and 50c coins. If you’re selling items which cost $5-$50, bring plenty of $5, $10 and $20 notes.


If you are part of a charity or not-for-profit organization, why not host a fundraiser at Blacktown Markets? We can provide you with a free stall and any equipment you may need. Read up on how to have a stall and contact us to organize a date.

Clearance Sales2017-02-16T19:15:19+11:00

Need to move last season’s range? Or stuck with a load of excess stock? Why not host your next clearance sale at Blacktown Markets?

With thousands of shoppers converging on Blacktown Markets, every Sunday, half the job is done for you.

We can provide the space, the equipment and even help you promote your clearance sale. Read up on how to hold a stall, book a stall, or contact us for more information.